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Houston Wild Flower

houston wild flower

houston wild flower - Wildflowers of

Wildflowers of Houston and Southeast Texas

Wildflowers of Houston and Southeast Texas

You'll find them throughout the year in Houston--lyre-leaf sage, Drummond skullcap, silver-leaf nightshade, snow-on-the-prairie, lemon beebalm, scarlet pimpernel, plains wild indigo, spring ladies'-tresses, deer pea vetch. These wildflowers and hundreds of other species flourish in this part of Texas, but until this book was published in 1993 no guide had focused exclusively on the Houston area. John and Gloria Tveten spent years seeking out both the common and the rare flowers. They describe here more than 200 plants. A color photograph of each one will make identification easy. The guide is arranged by color, with each entry tracing the history and lore of a species. Many plants--for example, prairie Indian plantain and self-heal--were used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. Others, like pokeweed and wapato, are edible. Southern dewberry and giant ragweed are used as natural dyes. And some, like rattlebush and milkweed, are poisonous. At the end of each species account is a list of key identifying characteristics for quick reference in the field. Summaries of plant families are also included, as well as tips on where and when to look for wildflowers.

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wild purples

wild purples

Besides the sunflowers there were other wild flowers blooming in the vacant field where I photographed the night heron a couple of evenings ago. These are purple verbenias, which are very common around this area.

design by nature

design by nature

Yet another of the large number of different mixes of the colors this wild flower exhibits. It's shape certainly could spur one's immagination in designing a variety of things.

houston wild flower

houston wild flower

Little Wild Flower, Book 2

This is the continuing story of Jane and Elijah...just when Jane thought her life in the Amish community couldn't get any better, tragedy strikes the Zook farm. Jane is suddenly lost in the world she created with Elijah, and flees to her home town in search of the past she left behind so many years before. But being face-to-face with the pain of her childhood sends her running back to the community she now feels disconnected from. Struggling with the decision she made at the age of fifteen that changed the lives of her entire family, Jane must now determine if she can continue to live in the Amish community, or if she will try to salvage the past she still craves. What she discovers as she reunites with friends she left behind in her teen years will make her stronger, and bring joy to her life again...

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