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Non Flowering Plants Pictures

non flowering plants pictures

non flowering plants pictures - Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants of the Galapagos

Flowering Plants of the Galapagos

The Galpagos are home to a wide-ranging assortment of unusual plants and animals. The islands became famous as the site of Charles Darwin's research leading to his theory of evolution by natural selection, and their magnificent flora and fauna continue to draw visitors from around the world. Based on the author's sixteen years of fieldwork and featuring his exceptional photography, Flowering Plants of the Galpagos is the first accessible, in-depth yet compact guide to the plant life of the area. An invaluable resource for tourists, natural history enthusiasts, and professionals, the book: introduces the botanical history of the islands and their varied ecological zones allows easy identification of 436 flowering plants (77 families, 192 genera, and 390 species) covers endemic plants found exclusively on the islands; native plants, which grow on the Galpagos and elsewhere; and exotic plants present as a result of human actions offers thorough accounts of the plants which give the scientific, common, and family names; range; islands inhabited; habitat; description; and additional notes of interest is richly illustrated with 266 color photographs of flowering plants and 117 of plant pollinators, vegetation zones, non-flowering plants, and the islands themselves organizes species by form, leaf arrangement, and flower color and includes descriptive plant drawings to aid in identification provides a map of the Galpagos and a list of plants likely to be seen at popular tourist sites

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Rape Flowers & Wind Power Plant , Jeju Island, KOREA

Rape Flowers & Wind Power Plant ,  Jeju Island, KOREA

Rape Flowers(???) & Wind Power Plant(??????).
Located at Haengwon-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju Island, KOREA.

??? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??????? ???? ????. ??? ????? ?? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???. ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ??? ??? ? ? ? ?????~!

Hangwon-ri is famous for wind! Traditionally, Jeju Island has had an abundance of three things: stones, wind, and women. The town is situated on a U-shaped peninsula that stretches to the sea while Woljung-ri is a peninsula that protrudes from land and then bends toward land again. A s-shaped gulf lies between the two towns that face each other. Hangwon-ri usually has very windy weather because it just out from land and first faces the winds from the ocean. One of the windiest areas in Jeju, its geographical conditions makes it possible to see the wind power plants peacefully revolve in the air in Hangwon-ri just as in the desert in Texas. The plants have become one of energy sources in the Guja farming and industrial complex. Korea first wind energy plant is providing clean energy and serving as a learning place for students. Experts warn of a possibility of energy depletion within 40 to 50 years. In the wake of the oil shock in the 1970s, scientists started to conduct studies to find new energy sources and replace fossil energy.

Flowers in window

Flowers in window

NIKON D80 (lens unknown) 1/200 sec (fstop not recorded) Program:Manual ISO:1600
Close-up, Flower & Plant Close-up, Flowers, Plants

non flowering plants pictures

non flowering plants pictures

The Tiny Seed

In autumn, a strong wind blows flower seeds high in the air and carries them far across the land. One by one, many of the seeds are lost -- burned by the sun, fallen into the ocean, eaten by a bird. But some survive the long winter and, come spring, sprout into plants, facing new dangers -- trampled by playing children, picked as a gift for a friend. Soon only the tiniest seed remains, growing into a giant flower and, when autumn returns, sending its own seeds into the wind to start the process over again.
Eric Carle's eloquent text and brilliant collages turn the simple life cycle of a plant into an exciting story, a nature lesson, and an inspiring message of the importance of perseverance.

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